A search engine for heavy metal reviews.

Created in early 2021 by Martin Angers, fiends.io is a highly specialized search engine. Much like Google, it indexes web pages and makes them searchable. Very much unlike Google, it indexes a very small number of websites. Only the most renowned and respected metal websites, many of which have been around for well over a decade, are crawled - or visited - by the bots. And of those sites, only the album reviews are indexed.

But why, you ask, since those pages can be found in general-purpose search engines? Searching for a metal album's reviews in Google can be a frustrating experience. If the band is underground enough, relevant results may not show up until later pages. If the band is big enough, top results may be a bunch of reviews by mainstream music sites with little insights and interest for the metalhead. Having a niche, targeted focus also allows making the experience much more pleasant for that audience. In the end, I made the site I wished existed.

And that's just the start. As more and more reviews get indexed, even more interesting features can be built, all for the love of our favorite musical genre. Ultimately, the goal is to make you find the reviews you're interested in more easily, and to help you discover the reviews you didn't even know existed!

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, you can drop me a note at hello@fiends.io. Make sure to check out the f.a.q. and/or the terms pages first as they may already address your point.